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  • Comcast Channel 77
  • Century Link/Lumen Channel 8006
  • Wave Broadband Channel 23
Now Airing (5:00am - 6:00am)
Free Speech TV: Democracy Now!
Coming Up Later
6:00amFree Speech TV: The Stephanie Miller Show
7:00amUW360 - Season 2 Episode 2
7:30amBrainWorks - Neuroscience for Kids
8:00amUW Four Peaks: Shwetak Patel
8:30amNASA Science Live: Science in the Time of Coronavirus
9:00amFree Speech TV: The Thom Hartmann Program (first hour)
10:00amUW360 - Season 2 Episode 2
10:30amBrainWorks - Neuroscience for Kids
11:00amClimate of Change - Modeling Sustainability
11:30amGrays Harbor Happenings
12:00pmiOn the Future
1:00pmUW 08 Engineering Lecture: Building a Robot Butler - Towards Fluent Human Robot Interaction
2:00pmFree Speech TV: Democracy Now!
3:00pmUW360 - Season 2 Episode 2
3:30pmBrainWorks - Neuroscience for Kids
4:00pmClimate of Change - Modeling Sustainability
4:30pmGrays Harbor Happenings

Seattle Colleges Cable Television is launching a new channel, KNW - Knowledge NW. The cable channel can be seen on Comcast Ch 77, Century Link/Lumen Ch 8006, and Wave Ch 23. Content on the channel will be focused on learning. Viewers will initially see content from the Seattle Colleges and the University of Washington. Our hope is to expand in and include content from other institutions of higher learning from around the state.