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  • Comcast Channel 77
  • Century Link/Lumen Channel 8006
  • Wave Broadband Channel 23
Now Airing (11:59am - 1:16pm)
Danz Lecture Series - Anthropologist on Mars - Dr. Oliver Sacks
Coming Up Later
1:18pmOptimizing Human Potential: Taking the Self Out of Self-Control - Changing How To Think About Willpo
2:00pmFree Speech TV: Democracy Now!
3:00pmIgniting Loyalty - The Passion of Fans in the Northwest
4:00pmThe Dalai Lama: The Scientific Basis for Compassion - Part 2
5:00pmDana Lecture: Do Movies Have Rights?
6:00pmRoad Work: Using Mobile Data to Alleviate Traffic Congestion
7:00pmKNW_UW_uw360 season 1 show 1-start-45
7:30pmNASA: Science Live Perseverance Mars Rover-The Search for Ancient Life
8:00pmFree Speech TV: Pirate Television
9:00pmFree Speech TV: Democracy Now!
10:00pmAsk An Astrobiologist: Everything You Need to Know About the Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission
11:00pmDanz Lecture Series: Ahimsa: Beyond Violent Traditions of Science and Technology
12:00amNational Gallery of Art: 20th Century European Art - Henry Rousseau - Jingles in Paris

Seattle Colleges Cable Television is launching a new channel, KNW - Knowledge NW. The cable channel can be seen on Comcast Ch 77, Century Link/Lumen Ch 8006, and Wave Ch 23. Content on the channel will be focused on learning. Viewers will initially see content from the Seattle Colleges and the University of Washington. Our hope is to expand in and include content from other institutions of higher learning from around the state.